"The Gang Goes Missing"

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia spec

The gang’s foes—The McPoyles, Bill Pondserosa, and Rickety Cricket—all gather at the bar to hash out some grievances, only to find that the bar is empty. They decide to use this opportunity to run Paddy’s the ground and finally get their revenge.

In progress.

"Divine Intervention"

A half-hour comedy pilot

Her coworkers hate her, her roommate sucks, and on top of all that, Avery is being haunted by her past—literally.

Completed, with full series proposal.

"Open Mike's"

A full-length feature

When her absent father dies unexpectedly, Robin, an aspiring stand-up comic, is surprised to learn that he left her something in his will, and goes back to her hometown to find answers.

First draft completed.

"Bite Out of Crime"

iZombie spec

When Liv and Clive uncover a murdered teenager’s dark past, they must consider: are vampires real? Meanwhile, Ravi tries to help the newly-zombified Major feel more like his old self.